Makeworld -

Once you have synchronized your local source tree against a particular version of FreeBSD (FreeBSD-STABLE, FreeBSD-CURRENT, and so on) you can then use the source tree to rebuild the system.

Over the years, this site has undergone iterations from plain text html, full page image maps, to basic html with searches and some dynamic content.
This time around, following my minimalist turn with my Linux environment (tiling window managers), I have now come full circle to this ...
I present to you, a no nonsense minimalist webpage.

I don't know how much I'll add (or subtract for that matter) but, for the foreseeable future - what you see is what you get.
Perhaps this is a reflection from what I have been seeing as of late (12/2020), perhaps its nothing more than a whimsical past-thought
from years ago when the internet was limited yet wide-open and civilized in comparison to todays current state of chaos and censorship...

Think Gemini